AEthelmearc 12th Night XXVII AS
Hosted by the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, January 9, 1993. Head Cook: Lord Ian Damebrigge of Wychwood. Assistants: Lord Brendan Brisbane & Cedifor ap Manogan. Payndemayn & Marzipan: Glynis of the Inn of the Laughing Fox. Subtlety Board: Mistress Ellisif Flakkari. Head Server: Ruadhagan of the Debatable Lands.

1st Course

Payndemayn | Boters | Tartes of Mosserounes | Tredure | Tisane

2nd Course

Capoun Farced | Pumpes | Tart in Ymbre Day | Sallet of Oranges | Perys en Compste

3rd Course

Venyson Y-bake | Frytour of Erbes | Ryse of Flessh | Minces | A Potage of Roysons

Subtlety Board

Tartes of Straweberries | Cheesecake

Hot Lemonade and Cold Cider Throughout

Notes on the Feast:

Boters -butter. Tisane - raspberry tea. Tartes of Straweberries - strawberry pies.

The cook wishes to thank Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope, Ever of Afongara, Stoneoak of Afongara, and the McCormick Family of Weirton, WV, for their additional help in the preparation of this feast.

Master Huen Damebrigge of Wychwood has been cooking feasts for the SCA since 1980; he still cooks for approximately 2-3 official events a year. Master Huen currently resides in the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands in AEthelmearc.

Feast for AEthelmearc 12th Night XXVII AS © 1993 James L. Matterer

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