A Salernitan Regimen of Health - Page Seventeen
 Practice phlebotomy at the beginning of acute and very acute illnesses.
Take a lot of blood from those of middle age;
From children and older persons take only a little.
Take twice as much blood in spring, but only the normal amount
in other seasons.


In summer and spring take blood from the right veins;
in autumn and winter from the left.
These four parts of the body - the head, the heart, the feet, the liver - should be relieved of blood.
The heart in spring, the liver in summer, the following in the order of the seasons - the head in winter, the feet in autumn.


Opening the salvatella vein gives you many small benefits:
It purges the liver, the spleen, the chest, the diaphragm, and the voice;
It also takes away any unnatural pain from the heart.


If your headache is from alcohol, drink water,
For from too much alcohol an acute fever may occur.
If the top of your head or forehead has a burning pain,
Rub your temples and forehead moderately at the same time,
And wash them with warm morel that has been cooked.


Fasting in summertime dries out the body.
Vomiting is profitable in every month, for it purges
Harmful humors, and it washes the circuits of all the stomach.
Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are the seasons of the year.
In springtime the air is warm and humid,
And no time is better for phlebotomy.
In spring lovemaking is beneficial to man in moderation,
As are exercises, laxatives, sweating, and
Baths. In that season the body should be purged with medicines.
Summer is usually hot, and is known as a dry season.
The summer encourages the occurrences of red choler.
In summer food of cold and humid qualities should be served, and lovemaking should be avoided;
Baths are not good then, and phlebotomy should be rare.
Rest is useful, and drink is good in moderation.


Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum - A Salernitan Regimen of Health
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Cummins, Patricia Willet. A Critical Edition of Le Regime Tresutile et Tresproufitable pour Conserver et Garder la Santé du Corps Humain. Chapel Hill: North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures, 1976.

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