A Salernitan Regimen of Health - Page Six
Cheese, is cold, constipating, crude, and hard,
Cheese and bread are good food for a man who is healthy;
If a man is not healthy, then cheese without bread is good.


"Ignorant doctors say that I (cheese) am harmful,
Nevertheless they do not know why I should do harm."
Cheese brings help to a weak stomach.
Taken after your other food, it properly ends the meal.
Those who are not ignorant of medicine will attest to these things.


During the meal take small drinks often;
So that you do not become ill, do not wait to drink in between courses.


After each egg drink another cup of wine;
After fish have nuts, after meat serve cheese.
One kind of nut is good, a second is harmful, a third kind brings death.


Add a drink of wine to your pear, and the nut is medicine against poison.
A pear tree produces our pears. Without wine its pears are poison;
If pears are poison, then damned be the peartree!
If you cook them, pears are an antidote, but uncooked they are a poison.
Raw they aggravate the stomach; cooked, pears relieve the aggravation.
After the pear, drink wine; after the apple empty your bowels.


Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum - A Salernitan Regimen of Health
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Cummins, Patricia Willet. A Critical Edition of Le Regime Tresutile et Tresproufitable pour Conserver et Garder la Santé du Corps Humain. Chapel Hill: North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures, 1976.

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