A Salernitan Regimen of Health - Page Fourteen
 Fat and jolly of nature are those of sanguine humor.
They always want to hear rumors,
Venus and Bacchus delight them, as well as good food and laughter;
They are joyful and desirous of speaking kind words.
These people are skillful for all subjects and quite apt;
For whatever cause, anger cannot lightly rouse them. They are
Generous, loving, joyful, merry, of ruddy complexion,
Singing, solidly lean, rather daring, and friendly.


Next is the choleric humor, which is known to be impulsive:
This kind of man desires to surpass all others.
On the one hand he learns easily, he eats much and grows quickly;
One the other hand, he is magnanimous, generous, a great enthusiast.
He is hairy, deceitful, irritable, lavish, bold,
Astute, slender, of dry nature, and of yellowish complexion.


There remains the sad substance of the black melancholic temperament,
Which makes men wicked, gloomy, and taciturn.
These men are given to studies, and little sleep.
They work persistently toward a goal; they are insecure.
They are envious, sad, avaricious, tight-fisted,
Capable of deceit, timid, and of muddy complexion.


Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum - A Salernitan Regimen of Health
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Cummins, Patricia Willet. A Critical Edition of Le Regime Tresutile et Tresproufitable pour Conserver et Garder la Santé du Corps Humain. Chapel Hill: North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures, 1976.

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