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This is our authentic 16th c. merchant booth, based on drawings from Daily Life in Holland in the Year 1556 by Rien Poortvliet. It was designed and built by Darell W. McCormick, Sr., of Weirton, WV., who was assisted by his brother Ernie.

The booth is completely collapsible & transportable. It consists of 6 pieces: the two support legs, the back, the roof, and the two support poles for the roof. When assembled, it is sturdy and quite substantial. The roof may be lowered and raised by adjusting the two gold support poles, which are secured in the support legs. A small table, like the one shown here, may be placed between the legs, or a larger table may be placed just in front. In case of severe weather, the entire affair is easily covered with a protective tarp or plastic sheeting.

Its dimensions are 5' x 5' x 6'.  Frontage space is approx. 5'.

The Goode Cookys sign was designed & built by Darell McCormick, Jr.

For more pictures of our booth, go to our Photo Galleries page.

Goode Cookys at the Alabama Renaissance Faire, 2003

The Renaissance Faire Pictorial has additional pictures of Goode Cookys
at the Alabama Renaissance Faire HERE.

At Gulf Wars XIII, Mississippi, March 2004.

The booth in action at an SCA event in Delaware, September 2004.
Note the striped canvas roof, which is used in case of inclement weather.

At an SCA event in West Virginia, September 2004.
This is the same locale as  seen in the top photograph.

At Gulf Wars XIV, Mississippi, March, 2005


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