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Our cookies are made from eggs, sugar, hartshorn (baker's ammonia), & flour, along with a variety of spices & flavorings. That's all! They are salt-free and no extra fat or preservatives are added. As long as they are kept in an air-tight container, they will stay fresh for up to 3 weeks after baking, and so are perfect for mail-ordering or buying in advance. They also freeze quite well, and may be stored for several months in that state.

The Springerle cookie originated in Swabia & Switzerland by the 14th century; we use our own, original recipe, based directly on the Baseler Springerle receipt, one of the oldest Springerle recipes known to exist today:

Take 1 pound flour and pass it through a fine sieve and place it overnight in the oven hole (to keep it warm). Take a pound of dry sugar and 4 eggs, but big ones, 2 spoons cleaned anise (if you want good ones then roast the anise first). Then 2 tablespoons aged Baseler cherry schnapps (helps to get rid of the egg taste and helps the dough rise). Let the oldest boy mix the sugar eggs and anise. Then the second oldest, then the third, altogether at least 1/2 hour. Then add the schnapps, mix the flour, and knead the dough until it stays together. Roll the dough out, but not too thin, and carefully press, but with enough pressure the mold into it. Afterwards store on flour dusted board for 24 hours, in a warm place. Then bake with low heat. To get them nice and white, before baking, dust some flour on them and then blow it away. If you don’t get feet (a bottom layer) in your springerle, then the boys or the house girl will scold you: "It was badly stirred, or there was a draught in the room." Springerle without feet are a nuisance.

Source: http://www.springerle.com/springerleE/REZEPT/rez03.html <Feb. 7, 2004>

Like Baseler Springerle
(the name Springerle is from an old German dialect and means "little knight," "jumping horse," or "little springer"), the main ingredients in Goode Cookys are eggs, sugar & flour; instead of cherry schnapps, however, a leavening agent is used to make them rise & keep them tender - we use hartshorn (baker's ammonia, also known as ammonium carbonate), one of the oldest leavening agents still available today, and the "traditional" leavener for Springerle.

Unlike the Baseler Springerle, Goode Cookys are not primarily anise flavored, but use the sorts of flavorings & spices found in medieval & Renaissance cakes.


Goode Cookys are made entirely by hand! The ingredients are made into a dough, which is then rolled out. Each cookie is individually pressed with a mold, then cut out and trimmed. This process, depending on the size & shape of the cookie involved, usually takes as long as 1 to 2 hours per each batch of dough.

A single batch of dough produces 6-15 extra large, 15-20 large, 20-40 medium, 40-60 small, or 60-100 extra small cookies.

After they are cut & trimmed, the cookies are then allowed to dry for 12 - 24 hours. This drying process in essential in preserving the design & image.

After drying, the cookies are baked, then immediately packed in air-tight containers or storage bags.

When ordering Goode Cookys, please keep in mind the preparation time involved!


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