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A few comments from those who have enjoyed our cookies:

From Beckah S.: "I ordered some cookies for my history class earlier this year. Everyone enjoyed them. A funny thing was that most of the kids didn't want them at first because I had explained that molds had been used to make them. Apparantly they thought I meant mouldy. After we staightened that out, they liked them!"

From Ana Maria K.: "Cookies just arrived, tasted one, fabulous! Thanks very much. I am attaching a picture of my daughter who is thrilled with her Diana the Huntress and Laughing Fox cookies. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

From Dina S.: "My professor and the entire class loved the cookies!!! I told everyone where I got them, and you may be receiving some phone calls.... one of the things my classmates said was that, 'These cookies were entirely too beautiful to eat!' Thank you so much for your lovely medieval cookies!"

From Lynn R.: "Well, my Renaissance Dinner is over and was a complete success!! The cookies were a wonderful addition to the evening. I received many compliments on how beautiful they were. Thank you so much for all your help. I think this will become a tradition here!!"

From Christa R.: "Thank you so much, the cookies were received in good condition. The detail is amazing."

From Rowan K.: "Thank you very much for our 12th Night order. The cookies were a very big success for us at our event."

From Debbie K.: "I wanted to let you know the Madrigal Christmas Party was a huge success! Your cookies contributed to this fun gathering of 100. The cookies arrived on time and in perfect condition. Not a single broken or chipped cookie. Thank you so much for taking my order. They were beautiful and I'm sure a lot of work! They added a little medieval touch to our party. Many of the cookies were taken home as souvenirs. I also had a local baker bake a red velvet cake with cream cheese and marzipan icing that looked like a roasted pig on a platter garnished with root vegetables. Kids and adults all thought that the cake was funny and got a lot of laughs having their picture made with the pig. I received many phone calls after telling me it was the best Christmas party that they had ever been to. Thank you for your contribution to this event."

From Peter D.: "The cookies arrived today and are splendid, lovely to look at and tasty to munch. They will make excellent Christmas gifts for my family and friends. Thanks for taking the time to make them for me!" "Your springerle cookies were a big hit from England to Canada, as well as here in the US, as friends and family devoured their Christmas gifts. Many thanks again for making them for me!"

From Kathleen R.: "Oh! my!! gawd!!!!!!!! My order of Goode Cookys just got delivered. They are incredible! The detail from the cookie presses.... if I painted that stag antler, I would have been using a two hair brush. And the edges even are somewhat decorated. Of course, I had to sample one.... rosewater, ginger and white pepper. Sweet, but not too sweet, spices assertive enough but not too. And the taste lingers long after the cookie is gone. I split it with an office bud and she loved it as well. She made the same comment of the cookie still being there after you finished it. These will be such a great addition to the hospitality rooms at our midwinter event. All I can say is 'Thank you, thank you Jim!' and he was a doll to work with when I placed the order."

From Shirley K.: "I just wanted to let you know that the cookies were a smash hit!  Everyone loved them!  All the cookies were either eaten or taken home. (And I only had 10 guests!) Everyone wanted to try every flavor and take a few home to their children or for themselves. My cook and server wanted some too. Every cookie was eaten by Monday (so I'm told by me friends).  They were a perfect touch to my dinner and everyone really loved them! All of them said if I ever do another dinner like that again, I MUST have these cookies.  Thank you for helping make my event memorable for everyone. Just thought you should know how much everyone loved your cookies."

From Stephanie N.: "The package arrived this morning and in good condition. Thanks for your concern and for the beautiful cookies, they are absolutly lovely."

From Elizabeth H.: "The cookies arrived in excellent condition. Thank you. They are absolutely lovely to look at too. I must admit, my friend and I had to taste test (couldn’t wait until tomorrow). They are yummy!!! As of right now, I’m not sure which is my favorite. I’ll have to do more testing!. (grin) They are going to be a hit at my feast!!! I can’t wait for everyone to try them and see which flavor they like best!! Thank you so much!!!"

From Laurel G.: "I just got home from work and the cookies were waiting for me. They are absolutely beautiful. So beautiful that I hesitate to eat one! My god - I've never seen anything like them! These cookies are just too fabulous. I can not wait to see how well they go over at the reception. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I'm going to tell all my friends about you and buy more for Christmas!"

From Wulfric G.: "
The cookies arrived intact and delicious.  They were a big hit at feast and people were amazed at the detail.  Thank you again for your services.  It added a special touch to a special day."

The Renaissance wedding of Stephen Michael & Kim Perrino in June of 2004 included Goode Cookys as part of the festivities. Their beautiful ceremony, held in an authentic Scottish castle with the bride & groom in appropriate outfits, was featured in the European & Pacific edition of Stars & Stripes. You may read a PDF of the article HERE, or you may read it online at the Stars & Stripes website: Aye, Scotland makes for a bonnie wedding.

"Gode Cookery, which made our special wedding cookies, offers a variety of designs and flavors, and the cookies stay fresh for weeks and even freeze well."

From Simone T.: "We received the cookies and just fell in love with them. Our Matron of Honor wouldn't even let us sample any of them. I finally got to eat a few on the wedding afternoon. As soon as we get pictures (yes, I had the photographer take pictures of them) I will email them to you. Four of the love bird cookies ended up being decorations on the cake top. Thanks for making our day special."

From Kim H.:
"The cookies were a hit!  They all liked the strawberry the best.  Thanks for doing such a good job on them.  I think it is great you get to sell them at Pennsic.  Can't wait... bring Strawberry!!!"

From Cathy G.: "We received the cookies a couple days ago.  They looked gorgeous and tasted fantastic!"

This romantic couple is Jill & Anders from Sweden.

Their April 2004 medieval wedding included Goode Cookys.

Their comments on Goode Cookys are just below.

From Jill R.: "I didn´t believe it would be possible to order cookies from the US all the way to Sweden, but it was! About 2 weeks ago we ordered medieval cookies from Gode Cookery. It took them about 1 week to bake them and then 1 week to mail them. We got them yesterday. Really fast!!! And none of them were broken!!! We couldn´t wait to try them and they tasted delicious! I really recommend them!"

From Anders R.: "The cookies arrived in time and undamaged. They looked really amazing and tasted a little bit like Swedish gingerbread cookies."

From Laura B.: "Hi!  The cookies are great and were a big hit at our event. Several schools wanted to know where I got them. We had enough to save some for our medieval feast in a week. Thank you so much!  They were also about twice the size I expected which was a great bonus!  Well done!"

From Susan F.: "Way Cool about Food TV. Wondermous cookies by the way. Got some at
Gulf Wars XIII. And now I find I can order them!?!?!?!? Happy, contented noises."

From Raymond H.: "
May I also recommend the recipes at Master Huen's site www.godecookery.com. Our twelfth night feast was made entirely from recipes at this site and was fabulous. And there's nothing trivial about Master Huen's cookies! Absolutely Scrumptious! Highly recommended to anyone putting on a feast of any size."

From Beth I.: "Thanks! I tasted one and they are delicious. They really are beautiful, too!"

From Norma S.: "The cookies were wonderful, and everyone loved them.  The Baroness of Brendoken asked if she could have the left overs.  She wants them as largesse and has them in the freezer."

From Raymond H.: "They arrived minutes ago in great shape! Thanks so much for helping to make this event a success."

From Misty B.: "Thank you so much for all the care and effort that went into the cookys, and for your generosity in pricing them within our budget. They were more intricate and much more substantial than I expected, somehow--truly beautiful. They added a great deal to our revel, and I was proud to offer them to the children.The kids had to be told they were cookies--they said they were so pretty they couldn't tell. After that, a couple of them stopped playing to find me and tell me how good they were. (If you knew how hard it was to even get them to come in out of the cold to warm up, you'd understand what a tribute that is.) We had a few leftovers, which the adults very much enjoyed sampling."

From Joanna D.: "Your package has arrived in perfect condition.  The cookies are already a hit, even though we haven't yet tasted them.  They are going a long way to establish goodwill for SCA with my parents.  Nothing like tangible proof that 'that weird medieval stuff' isn't so weird at all."

From Lydia M.: "I received them today and they are lovely!"

From Jeremiah F.: "We received the cookies on Wednesday and they look great! The two bonus cookies you gave are awesome. Thanks for the great job on the cookies!"

From Jeanne V.: "Thanks so much Jim.  It is so nice to work with a company that actually cares about its customers - I'll be sure to pass on your website to my friends!"

From Millie P.: "The 16th c. Angel cookies arrived today - right on time! I had to open them and see them and taste them - they are beautiful and delicious!  I love the choc/raspberry. They were a great hit at the Celebratory Reception for my granddaughter's First Communion. Everyone loved them and asked me where I got them. Thank goodness you sent me the extra 100 or there would not have been enough to go around and there were only about 30 people here! Each had their favorite flavor but they were pretty evenly distributed so I couldn't tell you if one flavor was overwhelmingly preferred over the others. My granddaughter Jessica especially liked them and that pleased me very much. Thanks for suggesting them  and for all the help and for the extra cookies. I will definitely keep you in mind for any of our functions where cookies would be appropriate."

From Ron K.: "Everyone enjoyed the cookies very much. They didn't last long at all! Also, Their Majesties said they enjoyed the special cookies for High Table."

From Julie C.: "Thank you so much for the cookies! We love them!! Our daughter Maddy was so excited when she opened the box. I appreciate you getting them here so quickly. The birthday card for Maddy was very thoughtful of you. Thank you so much. I will be sure to recommend your site/business."

From Sharon C.: "Thank you so much for sharing in our wedding day. The cookies were incredible, and we only had 2 dozen left. I had one table of friends that devoured them."

From Steven V.: "I was just having a pieced breakfast of leftovers from the event, and just wanted to say that your stamped cookies are positively sublime.  I've never had anything like them, and wish I'd had the sense to grab two dozen more!"


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