Highland Foorde Melees Feast
Hosted by the Shire of Highland Foorde, June 20, 1998. Head cook: Lady Kofryna the Goatherd. Assisted by the Highland Foorde Cooks Guild.

The Feast

Cold Pear Soup | Bread with Herb Butter | Olives | Custard of Herbes with Eggs | Cold Sage Chicken

Grilled Sausage | Lentils & Rice | Sauteed Mushrooms with Spices | Pizzelles | Celtic Shortbread

Strawberries in Almond Syrup | Dates Stuffed with Almonds Rolled in Sugar

Lady Kofryna the Goatherd is the former Seneschal of the Shire of Highland Foorde. She has also served as coordinator for the Shire's Cooking Guild, which is a collaborative group dedicated to studying period cooking and preparing feasts. She currently has two kids, Sebastian and Clarence, who are of the hoofed variety, and like all good pygmy goats are not allowed in the house!

Highland Foorde Melees Feast © 1998 Michelle de Tomasso.

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