Barony of the Steppes 12th Night Feast
Held by the Barony of the Steppes, in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, January 11th, 1998. Head Cook: Sir Gunthar Jonsson. Assisted by Lady Alys Durivaux, Lady Giuliana, H.L. Muireann, Corwin MacEoian, Ly Giuliana, & T.E. Robin and Adelicia.

Since this is one of the major Ansteorran feasts and the A&S Competition to determine who would represent Ansteorra in the A&S War Point at Gulf Wars, I decided to make this feast resemble an A&S entry. Also I had recently attended feasts where it was announced the food was period and I questioned the documentation of such. What follows is a copy of the feast handout that was presented at the gate.

First Course

Bread with Honey | Roast Pork with Assorted Sauces | Garlic Pepper Sauce | Strawberry Sauce

Lombard Brewet in Bread Bowls | Tart of Parsnips & Skerrits | Saffron Rice | Apple Fritters

Second Course

Beef Collops | Chicken in Orange or Lemon Sauce | Mushroom Pasties | Lentils | Peascods

Boiled Cream Custard Tart


Sliced Apples & Peasrs | Dates | Cheese Toasts | Cuskeynoles

Notes on the Feast:

Roast Pork with Assorted Sauces: ingredients: pork, salt, pepper, rosemary.

Garlic Pepper Sauce: ingredients: bread, wine vinegar, wine, meat broth, garlic, pepper, salt. Source: Pleyn Delit.

Strawberry Sauce: ingredients: almonds, meat broth, rice flour, strawberries, salt, cinnamon. Source: Pleyn Delit.

Lombard Brewet in Bread Bowls: ingredients: chicken, almonds, bread, egg yolks, parsley, pepper, butter, mace, ginger, nutmeg, vinegar, salt. Source: An Ordinance of Pottage.

Tart of Parsnips and Skerrits: ingredients: carrots, parsnips, wine, butter, sugar, rosewater, eggs, lemon juice, pie crust. Source: Martha Washington's Booke of Cookery (early recipe). NOTES

Saffron Rice: ingredients: rice, saffron. Source: Taillevent (14th Century). NOTES

Apple Fritters: ingredients: Pancake mix, apples, confectioners sugar. Source: Pleyn Delit. NOTES

Beef Collops: ingredients: beef, peppercorns, cloves, allspice, pepper, cinnamon, beef broth, ginger, wine vinegar. Source: An Ordinance of Pottage.

Chicken in Orange or Lemon Sauce: ingredients: chicken, chicken stock, currants, dates, oranges, bread peppercorns, mace, sugar, rosewater, white wine. Source: A Taste of History: 10,000 Years of Food in Britain.

Mushroom Pasties: ingredients: mushrooms, olive oil, cheddar cheese, eggs, salt, pepper mustard powder, wonton wrappers. Source: The Medieval Cookbook by Maggie Black.

Lentils: ingredients: lentils, onions, olive oil, garlic, pepper, ginger, cumin, coriander, cloves, salt, bread crumbs, mint, parsley, vinegar. Source: Arte de Cozina.

Peascods: ingredients: peapods, butter, salt. Source: Pleyn Delit.

Boiled Cream Custard Tart: ingredients: whipping cream, butter, cream cheese, eggs, sugar, saffron salt, ginger, sugar, berries. Source: An Ordinance of Pottage.

Cheese Toasts: ingredients: bread, butter, cheddar cheese, cream cheese. Source: Adapted from classic Welsh, Sir Kenelem Digby, A Closet Opened.

Cuskeynoles: ingredients: apples, pears, dates, figs, raisins, almonds, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, sugar, lemon juice, wonton wrappers. Source: Curye on Inglysche.

Since this is an occasion to visit with friends, the feast will be served as it was common at large gatherings in period. Each Course will be presented as a complete meal. After the second course has been served, the platters will be arranged on tables at the side of the hall so the feasters may graze at their leisure throughout the evening.

A Few Notes About the Adaptations to the Recipes:

Saffron Rice: In Period, the rice would have been steeped in milk. Water has been substituted for economic reasons. As a result, this recipe would probably have tasted a little bland to the medieval palate.

Apple Fritters: The original recipe calls for a beer batter. Because Ansteorra will not reimburse expenses for cooking alcohol and for economic reasons a commercial batter has been substituted. It is hoped that this will at least give an example of a period sweet.

Parsnip and Carrot Tart: This recipe is taken from Martha Washington's Booke of Cookery. This book is a collection of recipes handed down. This particular recipe is believed to date to 1550-1625.

PLEASE NOTE: Since everyone seems to eat everything in the first course and all of that wonderful food in the second course goes unappreciated, no seconds will be offered until the second course has been served.

THANKS: The cooks would like to thank everyone who has helped with the pre-feast work: Ly. Alys Durivaux, especially for logistical support; Ly. Giuliana and HL Muireann for graciously allowing us the use of their home; Corwin MacEoian and Ly Giuliana for all for thier hard work; and TE Robin and Adelicia for jumping in and making a LOT of Cuskynoles.

And all of those wonderful people who just drop in and help during the day.

Duke Sir Gunthar Jonsson (mka Michael F. Gunter) is a Companion to the Iris of Merit (CIM) and has been awarded the Sable Thistle of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, where he has also reigned as king.

Barony of the Steppes 12th Night Feast © 1995 Michael F. Gunter

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