The Investiture of Haakan and Eleanor
Hosted by the College of Cour d'Or, September 11, 1993. Feast prepared by the Pandemaynea Cookery Guild. Head Cook: Lord Ian Damebrigge of Wychwood. Sous: Lady Glynnis of the Inn of the Laughing Fox. Assisted by: Lord Cedifor ap Manogan & Jean du Bois Vert.

First Course

Pandemayne | Botteres | Tredure

Second Course

Tartes de Chare | Compost | Peascoddes for a Meat-day | Wardonys in Syryp

Third Course

Mets of Gelyne in dubatte, Cameline Meat Brewet, Makerouns, and Funges | Appels Y-bake with Spices

Subtlety Board

Tartes of Frute | Swans | Ymages in Suger

Notes on the Feast:

Botteres - butter.

Mets - "The practice of mixing all sorts of inharmonious elements in a single dish was paralleled by the fashion of piling a huge platter full of meats of various sorts. This particularly characterized the tables of the French aristocracy. We learn that as early as 1333, and doubtless much earlier, the Dauphin had a dish of twelve chickens, or six cut in half, served on Tuesdays. This custom of piling in the same platter many pieces at once was not peculiar to him but was common to all the princes and great lords. Les Contes d'Eutrapel, published posthumously in 1587, bears witness that before Francis I, and even still in his time, many families had served on their tables a great platter garnished with beef, mutton, veal, and pork, with a great quantity of greens and cooked vegetables. Each one selected as he preferred and ate either vegetables or meat or both. The dishes so loaded were called mets, whether boiled or roasted." - The English Medieval Feast, W.E. Mead, p. 59-60.

Appels Y-bake with Spices - baked apples garnished with cinnamon & sugar.

Tartes of Frute - small fruit pies.

Swans - mock swans made of bread and stuffed with strawberries. A large oval loaf was made; the top third was cut off and the loaf was hollowed out to form the body. The top was also hollowed out and cut in half length-wise for the wings. A thin "S"-shaped loaf was made for the neck and head; this was attached to the body by hooking the lower part of the "S" underneath the front part of the body. A quartered lemon-peel attached with cloves made the beak. The body was filled with fresh strawberries and the wings were placed coming out of the top.

Ymages in Suger - Lady Glynnis made replicas of the crowns of AEthelmearc from sugar paste.

Special thanks to Angus the Seeker for much hard work and encouragement and to the family of Lady Glynnis for the generous use of their home and kitchen.

Master Huen Damebrigge of Wychwood has been cooking feasts for the SCA since 1980; he still cooks for approximately 2-3 official events a year. Master Huen currently resides in the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands in AEthelmearc.

The Investiture of Haakan and Eleanor © 1993 James L. Matterer

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