The Defenders of Sherwood II
Hosted by the Shire of Misty Highlands, October 1st-3rd 1999. Cooks: Master Huen Damebrigge of Wychwood, Lord Cydifor ap Manogan, & Guy Talbot.

First Course

Apple Muse | Pandemayne | Chese

Second Course

Salat | Tart de ffruyte


Poullaille farcie

Third Course

Sprouts | Ris engoule | Stwed Beeff


Fresh fruit, small cakes, & spiced drink

Notes on the Feast:

Apple Muse. An apple & almond milk soup. From Potage Dyvers, Harleian MS 279 (15th c.):

Take Appelys an sethe hem, an Serge hem þorwe a Sefe in-to a potte; þanne take Almaunde Mylke & Hony, an caste þer-to, an gratid Brede, Safroun, Saunderys, & Salt a lytil, & caste all in þe potte & lete hem sethe; & loke þat þou stere it wyl, & serue it forth.

Take apples an boil them, and pass it through a strainer into a pot; than take almond milk & honey, and add, and grated bread, saffron, sandalwood, & a little salt, & put all in a pot & let it boil; & see that you stir it well, & serve it forth.

This a soup made by pureeing cooked apples and blending with almond milk, honey, bread crumbs, saffron, & salt. The final product should be dyed red. To be served with Pouder Douce, a mixture of sugar and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, etc.

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Chese. Modern cheeses that are similar in both taste and texture to period cheeses include Beaufort, Brie, Camembert, Comté, Cottage, Emmenthal, Farmer's, Gorgonzola, Gouda, Gruyére, Maroilles, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Port-Salut, Reblochon, Ricotta, Romano, Roquefort, Stilton, and Cheddar.

I will be serving several of these cheeses, depending on cost and availability, including a Ricotta & honey blend.

Tart de ffruyte. A salmon & fruit pie. From A Boke of Kokery, Harleian MS 4016 (15th c.):

¶ Take figges, and seth hem in wyne, and grinde hem smale, And take hem vppe into a vessell; And take pouder peper, Canell, Clowes, Maces, pouder ginger, pynes, grete reysouns of couraunce, saffroñ, and salte, and cast thereto; and þeñ make faire lowe coffyns, and couche þis stuff there-iñ, and plonte pynes aboue; and kut dates and fressh salmoñ in faire peces, or elles fressh eles, and parboyle hem a litull in wyne, and couche thereoñ; And couche the coffyns faire with þe same paaste, and endore the coffyñ withoute with saffron & almond mylke; and set hem in þe oveñ and lete bake.

Take figs, and boil them in wine, and grind them small, and put into a vessel; and take pepper, cinnamon, cloves, mace, ginger, pine nuts, Zante raisins, saffron, & salt, and add; and then make fine shallow pie shells, and put this stuff therein, and plant pine nuts on top; and cut dates and fesh salmon in nice pieces, or else fresh eels, and parboil it in a little wine, and place on top of the filling; and place on top of the pie shells a lid made of the same pastry, and endore the pie shells on the outside with saffron & almond milk; and set them in the oven and let bake.

This is a pie made of dried fruit and salmon. Figs are boiled in wine then mashed and seasoned with pepper, cinnamon, cloves, mace, ginger, saffron, & salt. Pine nuts and Zante raisins are added, and the mixture is placed in the bottom of a pie shell. Pine nuts are laid on top of this, then on top of the nuts are placed sliced dates and pieces of salmon that have been cooked in wine. A lid is added to the pie, which is glazed with almond milk and baked.

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Stwed Beeff. Beef in a currant & red wine sauce. From A Boke of Kokery, Harleian MS 4016. 15th c.):

¶ Take faire Ribbes of ffresh beef, And (if thou wilt) roste hit til hit be nygh ynowe; theñ put hit in a faire possenet; caste þer-to parcely and oynons mynced, reysons of corauns, powder peper, canel, clowes, saundres, safferoñ, and salt; theñ caste there-to wyñ and a litull vynegre; sette a lyd oñ þe potte, and lete hit boile sokingly on a faire charcole til hit be ynogh; þeñ lay the fflessh, in disshes, and the sirippe there-vppoñ, And serve it forth.

Take fair ribs of beef, and if you will roast it until nearly done; then put it in a fair pot; add parsley and onions minced, Zante raisins, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood, saffron, and salt; then add to this wine and a little vinegar; set a lid on the pot, and let it boil well on a fair charcoal until done; then lay the flesh in disshes, and the syrup on top, and serve forth.

This dish is beef ribs in a sort of sweet & sour sauce. I'll be making one change to the original recipe: the reysons of corauns, which are Zante raisins, will be replaced by Zante currants, as raisins are in the Tart. The beef will be roasted until done; it will then be baked in a sauce made of onions, parsley, currants, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, wine, vinegar, saffron, & salt.

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Fresh fruit, small cakes, & spiced drinks. We served wafer-like cookies, flan-shaped cakes with fresh grapes on top, and mulled cider.

Master Huen Damebrigge of Wychwood has been cooking feasts for the SCA since 1980; he still cooks for approximately 2-3 official events a year. Master Huen currently resides in the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands in AEthelmearc. Lord Cydifor ap Manogan has been Master Huen's primary feast assistant since 1990.

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