Fantastic Fish of the Middle Ages
Here after followeth of the natures of the fisshes of the See whiche be right profitable to be vnderstande. Wherof I wyll wryte be the helpe and grace of almighty god, to whose laude & prayse this mater ensueth.
- Lawrens Andrewe



"he eteth venimous bestes, as todes, frogges, & suche like"

Lucius is a pike / a fisshe of the riuer with a wyde mouthe & sharpe teth; whan the perche spieth him / he turneth his tayle towardes him / & than the pike dare nat byte him because of his finnes, or he can nat swalowe him because he is so sharpe / he eteth venimous bestes, as todes, frogges, & suche like; yet it is sayde that he is very holsom for seke peple. He eteth fisshes almost as moche as himselfe / whan they be to bigge, than he byteth them in ij. peces, & swaloweth the one halfe first, & than the other / he is engendered with a westerne wynde.

The Lucius is a pike, a fish of the river with a wide mouth & sharp teeth; when the perch spies the Lucius, it turns its tail towards it & then the Lucius dare not bite the perch because of its fins, nor can the Lucius swallow the perch because of how sharp it is. The Lucius eats venemous beasts, such as toads, frogs, and the like; yet it is said that it is very wholesome for sick people. He eats fish almost as big as himself; when they are too big, he bites them in 2 pieces, and swallows one half first, then the other. He is born with a western wind.

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