Fantastic Fish of the Middle Ages
Here after followeth of the natures of the fisshes of the See whiche be right profitable to be vnderstande. Wherof I wyll wryte be the helpe and grace of almighty god, to whose laude & prayse this mater ensueth.
- Lawrens Andrewe



"... than she draweth them out & loketh vpon them... "

Halata is a beste that doth on-naturall dedys / for whan she feleth her yonges quycke, or stere in her body / than she draweth them out & loketh vpon them / yf she se they be to yonge, than she putteth them in agayne, & lateth them grow tyll they be bygger.

The Halata is a beast that does unnatural deeds, for when she feels her young move, or stir in her body, than she pulls them out and looks at them. If she sees that they are still too young, she puts them in again and lets them grow until they are bigger.

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