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An exceeding good way to stew Chickens

PERIOD: England, 17th century | SOURCE: A True Gentlewomans Delight, 1653 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: A recipe for stewed chicken

An exceeding good way to stew Chickens.

Take Chickens, fley them, and cut them in pieces crosse way, then put them in a Pipkin or Skillet, and cover them almost with Pepper, and Mace, and Water, so let it stew softly with a whole Onion in it till part of that liquour be consumed, then put in as much white Wine as will cover them again, take Parsly, sweet Marjoram, Winter Savory, with a little Thyme, and shred them very small, and put them in, and let them boyle till they are almost enough, then put in a good piece of Butter.

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