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To sowce a Pike, Carpe, or Breame

PERIOD: England, 17th century | SOURCE: A New Booke of Cookerie, 1615 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: How to souse, or pickle, fish

To sowce a Pike, Carpe, or Breame.

Draw your fish, but scale it not: save the Liver and the refuse of it, slit the said refuse, and wash it. Then take a pottle of fayre water, a quart of white Wine, and a fagot of sweet Hearbes: so soone as you see your wine boyle, throw in your Fish with the scales on, and when you see your Fish boyle, poure in a little Vinegar, and it will make your Fish crispe. The take up your Fish, and put it in a Tray. Then put into the liquour some whole Pepper, a little whole Ginger, and when it is boyled together well with a little Salt, and colde, put in your Fish into an earthen Panne: when you serve it in, serve Gelly in Sawcers, with a little fine Ginger about the Sawcers sides, and Fennell on your Fish.

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