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How to make a Frikese for Chickens

PERIOD: England, 17th century | SOURCE: The Art of Cookery Refined and Augmented, 1654 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: A recipe for chicken fricassee

How to make a Frikese for Chickens.

Fley your Chickens and draw them, cut them into quarters, or thin slices, with the giblets and liver; beat them well with the back of your cleaver, and fry them brown with Butter; in the interim, provide sweet Herbs minced, Oxe Palat, Dates, the bottome of two or three Artechokes sliced all together, Mace and Ginger beat, Salt; now your meat being fryed, and the pan clean put in the Meat with strong Broth, Verjuice, and all the Ingredients prepared, and let it fry till all but a pinte be consumed; then put in half a pound of Butter, Sugar, scalded Gooseberries, a minced Lemmon, shake it well together, put tostes in the dish; being garnished with Bread, rasped and searced, sliced Lemmon, scalded Lettuce quartered; sippit it and lay Lettuce, scalded Goosedberries, and boyled Asparragus on the meat and serve it up hot.

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