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How to hashe a Capon

PERIOD: England, 17th century | SOURCE: The Art of Cookery Refined and Augmented, 1654 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: A stew of capon, ox tongue, chestnuts, eggs, bacon, wine, & pistachios

How to hashe a Capon.

Roast your Capon almost enough, then cut all the flesh from the bones which will mince, and mince it small; put it into a pipkin with white Wine and a little strong Broth, five or sixe hard yolkes of Eggs, with nine or ten Chesnuts minced very small, an Oxe Palate sliced very thin, a little Bacon (if it be not rusty) minced small, some powder of Saffron, a hand-full of Pistaches; stew all these together with the gristles and bones (which will not mince) till it be tender; then put in a large piece of Butter, a little Vinegar or minced Lemmon (if you have it) with a little of the peel, and a little Salt; shake it well together and let it not boyl; then lay thin white-bread tostes in the dish; pour this meat on it, and lay the bones in order about the dish with Sippits, Barberries, halfe yolks of Egges, or greene and what other coloured garnish you fancy.

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