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To make Black-puddings

PERIOD: England, 17th century | SOURCE: The Accomplish'd Lady's Delight In Preserving, Physick, Beautifying, and Cookery, 1675 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: How to make blood-pudding sausages

To make Black-puddings.

Take a quart of Sheeps-blood, and a quart of Cream, ten Eggs, the yolks and the whites beaten together; stir all this Liquor very well, then thicken it with grated bread, and Oat-meal finely beaten, of each a like quantity, Beef-suet finely shred, and Marrow in little lumps, season it with a little Nutmeg, Cloves, and Mace mingled with Salt, a little sweet Marjoram, Thyme, and Penny-royal shred very well together, and mingle them with the other things, some put in a few Currans: Then fill them in cleansed Guts, and boyl them very carefully.

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