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To Hash Deer, Sheep or Calves Tongues

PERIOD: England, 17th century | SOURCE: The Whole Duty of a Woman: Or a Guide to the Female Sex, 1696 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: A dish of tongues in wine

To Hash Deer, Sheep or Calves Tongues.

Boyl either of these prety well, then Blanch them, draw them with small sprigs of Rosemary, then put them on a Spit, till they are half Roasted, then slice them and put them into a Pipkin, or another Earthyen Vessel, that will endure the fire, with as much Claret, as will cover them, put in after they have boyled a while, some Cinamon, Ginger, and sliced Lemon, a little Mace, and some Sugar, boyl these altogther, and Dish them upon Fryed Toasts, Garnish with slices of Lemon, and grated Manchet.

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