Coronation Feast of Dag IV & Elayna II
The Feast That No One Ate!

I should probably tell you about a little joke we played on the King with the Queen's consent. Knowing full well how much trouble it would get is into, we took the feast menu and completely replaced it with every food we could think of that the King hated. Then we made an effort to put this "fake" menu everywhere the King might see it (in his royalty room, on his plate at the meal, etc.). He was horrified, but dignified and held up well. He didn't realize until we were well into serving the first course that he wasn't going to eat all the nasty things he thought he was. <grin> Here's the menu he saw, but no one ate (all the recipes are documentably period, by the way):

Introductory Course

Panis (Bread) et caseo (cheeses)
Esicium ex Iecore (liver paté)
Cibarium ex Intestinis (herbed deer intestines*)
Rehaut galentine (jellied venison hide*)

First Course

de Asparago Condito (steamed asparagus with aromatic spices)
De Columbis et Acresta (boiled pigeon in spiced vinaigrette*)
Moretum Pampinaceum Quod Salsam Vocant (vine tendril relish)
Piscis Persicinus (perch in aspic*)

A subtlety for the King

In Cerebrum Vitulinum (spiced calf's brains with eggs and vinegar)

Second Course

Minutal Herbaceum (bitter herb soup)
Cepa sub cinere (roasted onions with rosemary) 
Pulpam Romanam (Spitted and Roasted Veal with Spices)
De Ranis (frogs with parsley and fennel flowers*)


Nucibus Pineis Saccharo Conditi (Pine Nuts in Sugar)
Piororum et uvam nigram condimentum (Pears in Dark Grape Sauce) | Persico (Dried Peaches)

* Many thanks to our local hunters and anglers for providing us with the ingredients for these dishes free of charge.

The Coronation Feast of Dag Thorgrimsson IV and Elayna Lilley II © 2000 Gaylin J. Walli

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