Jousting! Archery! Music! Games! Dancing! Food!

See: Knights in armor jousting with swords & shields!
Lords & Ladies in authentic clothing!
Medieval archers shooting bows & arrows!
Musical performances (featuring our own Peter Williams)!
Renaissance arts & sciences, including displays of spinning, weaving, furniture,
artwork, armor, illumination, & jewelry!

Join us for: Renaissance Dances! Renaissance Games!

Learn to weave, make lace, and create jewelry!

Bring your cameras and take your picture with a Knight or a Lord & Lady!

The Tavern-on-the-Green will have free food & drinks for everyone!

Please join us for a day of entertainment & education that you will not want to miss!

Where? The ELI building & grounds at 189 W. Main St., Newark, DE, 19716 (302-831-2674)
When? Sunday, July 15, from noon to 6 PM.
Bring yourselves, your friends & homestay families, your cameras, and prepare to spend the day taking a trip back into time!

Hosted by the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., a non-profit historical organization.

Our schedule currently includes:

Martial Arts
Jousting Tournament: all day; Lord Krey, marshal in charge
Archery Exhibition: all day; Lord Padraig, marshal in charge

Peter Williams: Welsh folk songs
Hannah Eagleson, harpist: Renaissance & folk songs

Arts & Sciences Displays
Spinning by Carey Fleiner
Woodworking: medieval furniture by Lord Jehan-Yves
Renaissance Games: Astronomical Tables, Bocce Ball, & more. Lady Hedewegis will teach you how, so join in!
Medieval & Renaissance Dances: we will teach you how, so join in!
Armor display: instructional & interactive with Lord Alaxander
Silverpoint Drawing (interactive): an artform which reached its peak in the Renaissance, taught by Lady Serena
Inkle Loom Weaving: watch or learn how with Lord Cydifor
Bobbin Lace display: see how lace is made by Mistress Sarah Elizabeth Dubh Sidhe
Viking Jewelry: learn to create a piece for yourself with Elenora the Tilemaker
Fabric Dyeing: display by The Jester's Hat
Leatherworking by Pappy
Illumination & Calligraphy: the art of illustrated manuscripts by Mistress Sarra the Lymner
Making Chain Mail with Marcus Atheniou

The Tavern-on-the-Green: free food & drinks for everyone

Other Activities
Bohran and Doumbek Drumming: bring yours and join along
 Take Your Picture with a Knight
Take Your Picture with a Lord or Lady
Triumph Cards: an English divination game brought to you by Lady Eridun - place bets on your destiny!
Ping-Pong Crossbow: a target game using a real crossbow, hosted by Baron William

Golden Squirrel Enterprises - Kitchen Goods, Needlework & Sewing Supplies, Herbs & Spices,
Threads & Notions, & General Goods for All Ages.
Marjoram's Place - handmade soaps, Willow circlets, & Renaissance trinkets.
Carey Fleiner - handmade & hand dyed yarns,  blankets, & pillows.
The Jester's Hat - Renaissance hats.
Tinkers Damsels, Crystal Rose, & Pirate Booty - various & assorted Renaissance goods.

Medieval pavilions & banners will decorate the ELI yard, creating the atmosphere of a Renaissance festival.

Directions & SCA Parking

The ELI building is located at: 189 W. Main St., Newark, DE, 19716. (Main St. in Newark is also known as Rt. 273.)

From the South: take I-95 N until exit 109 B to Newark & Rt. 279 North. Follow 279 N until it ends at Rt. 896 N. Follow 896 N until it merges with Rt. 273 West at Main St. in Newark. **Follow Rt. 273 West to the 3-way fork on Main St. Take the middle fork, and at the next light, where 896 makes a right turn, stay straight through the light, remaining on Rt. 273/Main St. Take the 3rd driveway on the left after the red light, just past the ELI building, at a blue sign which reads BELMONT HOUSE. This is the SCA-only parking lot.

From the North: take I-95 S to the Newark/Rt. 273 exit. Follow Rt. 273 West through Newark, where it becomes Main St. Follow ** from above.

We have 2 SCA-only parking lots next to the ELI building. Look for a large blue sign which says BELMONT HOUSE and turn into that driveway.

SCAdians should plan on arriving by 10 AM. The demo begins at noon.



See you on July 15, 2007, at the ELI Renaissance Fair!