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A Dinner of Lombardy

In medieval Europe, Lombardy, in what is now north-west Italy, may have been considered one of the sources of haute cuisine, judging by the number of surviving medieval recipes that were "Something-or-other Lombard". It may have been that such an attribution was an attempt to lend a touch of sophistication to the dish, rather than its actually having come from that region, similar to "French" dressing and "French-cut" beans today. I have currently identified fifteen different recipes for Lombard dishes, although several of them are similar to one another. The following medieval recipes and my redactions comprise a complete small dinner in a more-or-less medieval manner.

A Dinner of Lombardy:

Stewed Lombard | Rys Lumbard Stondyne | Chicken in Pastry in the Lombard Manner | Lumbard Mustard

Leche Lumbard | Auter Maner Leche Lumbarde | Crustade Lumbard

In the recipes, I have replaced the Middle English letters "thorn" and "egh" with the appropriate modern letters.

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