The Apple of Sodom

The Apple of Sodom that turns to dust in a man's hand

To conclude this brief look at the mythical plants of the Medieval world, there must be made mention of the Apple of Sodom, a gigantic tree which grew in the desolated area that was once Sodom & Gamorrah. Any traveler of the region foolish enough to pick one of the apples would have it turn to smoke and ashes in his hand--a sure sign of God's eternal displeasure with those who would succumb to physical temptation at the site of His retribution.

And finally, no study of fabulous plants would be complete without mention of the Zieba tree, a huge, shingle-barked growth that supported in its lower branches a nest of bare bosomed men & women. Like all those who choose to believe in the tales of these incredible plants, the humans reposing in the Zieba tree spend their days sitting exalted in fantasy, contemplating in wonder all things seen and unseen.

The Zieba Tree

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