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PERIOD: England, 15th century | SOURCE: An Ordinance of Pottage | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: Wine thickened with eggs


83. Caudell. Draw yolkes of eyron thorow a streynour with wyne or with ale, that hit be ryght rennyng; put therto sigure, safron, & no salt. Bet well togedyr; set hit on the fyre on clene colys. Stere welle the bottom & the sydys tyl hit be ynowghe scaldyng hote; thu shalle fele be the staffe when hit begynnys to com. Then take hit of and styre alwey fast, & yf be nede, aley hit up with som of the wyne; or yf hit com to hastyly, put hit in cold watyr to myd syd of the pot, & stere hit alwey fast; & serve hit forth.

- Hieatt, Constance B. An Ordinance of Pottage. An Edition of the Fifteenth Century Culinary Recipes in Yale University's MS Beinecke 163. London: Prospect Books Ltd, 1988.


Caudle. Beat egg yolks with wine or ale, so that it is runny; add sugar, saffron, but no salt. Beat well together; set it on the fire on clean coals. Stir well the bottom & the sides until just scalding hot; you will be able to tell when it becomes fluffy. Then take it and stir away fast, & if you need, add more wine; or if it rises too quickly, put it in cold water to the middle of the outside of the pot, & stir it away fast; and serve.


  • 5 egg yolks
  • 2/3 cup white wine
  • sugar to taste
  • pinch saffron
In a pot, beat together the yolks, wine, sugar, and saffron. Heat the mixture over a medium flame, stirring continually, until the caudle is hot and thick & fluffy. Be careful to not let it burn or scorch or stick to the pot. Serve at once, in small glasses as a drink, or as sauce with desserts. It makes an excellent accompaniment to Payne Foundow, served on the side as a drink or poured over as a sauce.

The amount of sugar used will depend on the type of wine used. I prefer using an inexpensive sweet wine, as the taste of an expensive dry or semi-sweet will be lost. In fact, it has seemed to me that the cheaper & sweeter the wine, the better is the final result! Add just enough sugar to mellow the taste.

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