Yogurt cheese flavored with garlic - contributed by L. J. Spencer, Jr.

Original Recipe from The Link to the Beloved, translated by Charles Perry/A Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Cookbooks Vol. II, David Freidman:

First. Yoghurt is filtered and garlic is put in it.

Modern recipe:

  • 1 pint Plain wholemilk yogurt 
  • 3 lg. cloves Garlic, mashed to a paste 
  • Nigella seed, ground for garnish (optional - see note)
Line a strainer with 2 layers of cheesecloth. Suspend strainer over a deep bowl or pot. Dump yogurt into cheesecloth lined strainer. Cover with a cloth or plastic wrap. Put in a cool place for 12 to 24 hr. to drain.

Discard liquid or use in breadmaking. Put drained yogurt in a bowl. Blend in garlic paste, mixing thoroughly. Leave a few hr. to absorb and develop flavor. Serve with flat bread. 

Serves 8.

Notes on the recipe:

Serving idea - mould Sals in a mound in the center of an earthenware plate covered with a large flatbread. Surround with an overlapping layer of marinated or plain sliced cucumbers. Sprinkle top with nigella and mount with a twisted cucumber slice.

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L. J. Spencer, Jr. lives in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where is an active and long-time member of The Society for Creative Anachronism. His SCA feasts are well-known for being both delicious and authentic, and he is a major contributor to the SCA-Cooks Discussion Group.

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