Fantastic Fish of the Middle Ages
Here after followeth of the natures of the fisshes of the See whiche be right profitable to be vnderstande. Wherof I wyll wryte be the helpe and grace of almighty god, to whose laude & prayse this mater ensueth.
- Lawrens Andrewe



Focas is a see bulle, & is very stronge & dangerous / and he feghteth euer with his wyf tyll she be dede / and whan he hath kylled her, than he casteth her out of his place, & seketh another, and leueth with her very well tyl he dye / or tyll his wyfe ouercome him and kylle hym / he bydeth alway in one place / he and his yonges leue be suche as they can gete.

The Focas is a Seabull, and is very strong and dangerous. He always fights with his wife until she dies, and when he has killed her he casts her out of his place and seeks another, and lives with her very well until he dies, or until his wife overcomes him and kills him. He always stays in one place, and he and his young live by any means they can.

The Focas

"Focas is a see bulle..."

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