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To make an Arterchoak Pie

PERIOD: England, 17th century | SOURCE: A True Gentlewomans Delight, 1653 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: A recipe for artichoke pie

To make an Arterchoak Pie

Take the bottome of six Arterchoaks, being boyled very tender, put them in a dish, and put some vinegar over them, season them with Ginger and Sugar, a little Mace whole, putting them into a Pie, and when you lay them in, lay some marrow, and some Dates sliced in, and a few Raisins of the Sun in the bottome, with good store of butter, so close the Pie, and when it is half baked, take a dish of Sack, being boyled first with Sugar, and a pill of Orange, put it in your pie, and set it in the Oven again, till you use it.

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