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To make Marble Paste of Pome-cittron, an excellent Cordiall paste

PERIOD: England, 17th century | SOURCE: A Daily Exercise for Ladies and Gentlewomen, 1617 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: Fruit cordials shaped like lozenges, or diamonds

To make Marble Paste of Pome-cittron, an excellent Cordiall paste.

Take the yellowest Pome-cittrons that you can get, pare them, and cut them into quarters, and take out the meate, and as soone as you haue cut and pared a piece, throw it into a bason of colde water, then set on a Pipkin of faire water, and so soone as it boyleth, take out your pieces, and drie them in a faire cloath, and put them into the seething liquor, and let them boil vntill they be tender, but shift them three or foure times in the boyling to take away the bitternesse, powre them into a Colender, and drie them againe in a faire cloath, and stampe them in a stone morter, then boile the weight of the pulp in double refined Sugar vnto a Candie height, and put the pulp into the boiling Sugar, and so let it boile leasurely, alway stirring it, and when it growes fluffe, powre it on a plate or sheete of glasse reasonable thinne in a broad cake, and stoue it, the next day cut it in lozenges, and turne them vpon a sheete of white paper, then wash your glasse or plate, and lay them on againe vntill thye be through dry, box them and keepe them all the yeere. If you please wrap a graine of Muske in a paper, and let it lie in the bottom of the box, it will adde to the pleasure.

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